At Dicronis GmbH, we strive to enhance the quality-of-life of patients with our innovative technology.

The first product in our pipeline, enables the quantitative assessment of the lymphatic function of the patient in a safe, home-based and highly scalable manner.

The initial indication of our first product is the earliest possible diagnosis of secondary lymphedema, a serious side effect of many cancer therapies.


By remotely monitoring the lymphatic function, the doctor is empowered for the first time to perform an early diagnosis, before any swelling of a limb has occurred, and timely prescribe the best conservative treatment for the patient.


This leads to a great improvement of the prognosis and quality of life of the patient and important savings for the healthcare system and society.


Dicronis GmbH is currently scaling-up the GMP production of the microneedles and completing the development of the assisting wearable device, in view of the clinical transition, planned for middle of 2020 in collaboration with a clinical partner.

The patented platform technology, featuring fluorescent microneedles for a measure of the dermal lymphatic function will allow to improve the quality of life of millions of cancer survivors worldwide.



Highly Scalable



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